Make informed recruitment decisions

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Our clients tell us that the time spent between a new accountant starting work and confidently assigning them to perform cost and management accounting activities is a critical measurement in determining whether a hiring exercise was a success.

Accountests exists to support you in hiring management and cost accounting candidates capable of operating at skill levels essential to success within your business by adding a valuable layer to your selection process in determining candidates' technical skills.

We still haven’t met a hiring manager or business owner who hasn't made a past mistake of hiring an accountant who turned out not to possess the technical skills and knowledge essential in the job and claimed on their resume. The average cost of recovering from a bad CPA Accountant hire is $87,198*, and for a non-CPA Qualified Accountant $68,548*. That's an expensive mistake, and an avoidable mistake when a $200 solution was at your fingertips.

*The UK Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) place the cost of recovering a bad hire at 143% of the annual salary of the job. Payscale Inc (Seattle) place the US Median CPA Accountant Salary at US$60,978 and the Median Accountant Salary at US$47,936 in 2016

Improve your recruitment effectiveness by:

  • Identifying top candidates and eliminate poor performers early in the selection process
  • Making timely, informed and cost-effective candidate selection decisions
  • Identifying training and development priorities to target in getting new recruits up to speed
  • Making informed salary offers based on current accounting skills & knowledge, with objective salary progression based on skills & knowledge acquisition
  • Compare your candidate performance against norm-groups of other accountants and bookkeepers
  • Instant access and test report generation. Have your report within an hour from now!
  • Using tests which are validated, reliable and updated annually by accounting experts