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Accounting Tests

Reduce the chance of a bad hire by using skills and knowledge tests for accountants and bookkeepers at all levels.

Public Accounting Tests - at CPA Level

Public Accounting Firms - CPA Level

Tests for public accounting firms where the job description requires applicants to be a licensed CPA. Examples include Client Accounting Manager or Virtual CFO
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Public Accounting Tests - Non-CPA Level Accountants

Public Accounting Firms - Non-CPA Level

Tests for public accounting firms where candidates do not require a CPA license. Examples Include Staff Accountants, Virtual Controllers Interns, College Graduates.
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Tests for Tax Firms and Tax Specialist Roles

Tax Firms and Tax Specialist Roles

Tests for tax firms or for tax roles within CPA firms up to Enrolled Agent level. Examples include Tax Associate, Tax Preparer and Tax Manager
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Tests for Bookkeeping Firms

Bookkeeping Firms

Tests for bookkeeping firms and bookkeepers in public accounting. Examples include Full Charge Bookkeeper and Senior Bookkeeper
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Tests for Corporates / SME Businesses

Corporates and SME Businesses.

Tests at CPA level and below CPA level. Examples include Controller, CFO, Staff Accountant, Accounting Manager, Management Accountant or Cost Accountant. Also Interns and College Graduates.
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What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

"We used the test and are very pleased. It is simple to use and provided very helpful insights. We plan on using your company going forward for our testing needs."

Kelli Cox, CPA, CEPA, CEO

CGC Accountants & Advisors, CA, USA

"The test helped to validate his experience in a way that we couldn’t otherwise assess him since he’s 3000 miles away and we aren’t familiar with the firms where he worked. Your test gets an A+ from our firm!"

Daryl Petrick, CPA, Partner

Bowman & Company LLP - CA, USA

"For candidates where that extra level of surety around technical knowledge is required, Accountests provides our clients with the peace of mind they need."

Jim Prince, CEO

Accountingfly, FL

"Accountests is a vital tool for improving hiring. By having systematized testing, we can have more confidence in the technical capabilities of our hires. Highly recommend! We use the tests for all of our new hires."

Jeremey Ekhert, CPA, CMA, MBA, Partner

Trail CPA, Peoria, AZ

"Hiring professionals and vetting them is one of the most challenging and subjective areas of running a business. Accountests allowed us to gauge a candidates skills so that we made more informed decision which saved us both time and money."

Ilona Brunner, CPA, MBA

Brunner Accounting Group, Glendale CA,

"I am glad to have tried the test and it provided a quick way to measure a candidate."

Russell Munz, CEO & Founder

Community Financials, Sarasota, FL

"Finding the right candidate for the right position is hard enough in today’s market. Accountests helped us evaluate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to make sure they have the skills required for the job. Having them take a timed assessment also helped us get an idea of how well they work under pressure."

Tiffany R., Firm Administrator

Michael & Company, CPA, Fresno, CA

"Your organization is fantastic. I will continue to use your tests for future potential team members."

Asif Vadaria, CPA, President

Profiter CPA Group, Oak Brook, IL

"I highly recommend Accountests to any firm looking to improve its hiring process. This resource has been an invaluable asset to our practice for discernment in hiring candidates. The tests provided by the website give us information that we cannot gather from an interview or a resume alone. It is a missing piece of the hiring process that has saved our firm thousands of dollars by preventing a mis-hire."

Stephanie Anderson EA, CTP

Tax Prose, Inc., CA, USA

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Our Clients Talk About Accountests

How are accounting firms and recruiters using Accountests

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Gen Z's Shift Towards Finance: Prioritizing Good Pay and Job Stability

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Ensuring Integrity in the Online Testing Environment with Proctoring
Ensuring Integrity in the Online Testing Environment with Proctoring

The introduction of proctoring in our online tests marks a significant advancement in ensuring integrity and security. Utilizing AI technology, proctoring offers enhanced monitoring capabilities, extended testing durations, and comprehensive detection of cheating behaviors. By embracing this innovation, we reaffirm our commitment to providing trustworthy solutions and fostering transparency and trust in online assessments.

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Comparing Candidates to the Job Description, Not to Each Other
Comparing Candidates to the Job Description, Not to Each Other

When selecting the best candidate for a role, comparing candidates directly to the job description rather than to each other enhances accuracy and fairness. By aligning skills assessment results with job requirements, employers establish objective benchmarks, streamline the hiring process, and ensure a positive candidate experience, ultimately facilitating informed hiring decisions and maintaining employer brand integrity.

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