Make informed recruitment decisions

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Accountests exists to support you in recruiting candidates capable of operating at skill levels essential to success within your organisation by adding a valuable layer to your selection process.

We have yet to meet a recruiting manager who hasn't made a past mistake of recruiting someone who turned out not to possess the technical skills and knowledge essential in the job and claimed on their CV. The average cost of recovering from a recruiting a poor accountant recruitment decision is £70,000*. That's an expensive mistake, and an avoidable mistake when a £100 solution was at your fingertips.

Inadequate technical knowledge and skills remains the No'1 reason for terminating the employment of recently recruited professional staff groups, including accountants & bookkeepers^

*The UK Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) place the cost of recovering a bad hire at 143% of the annual salary of the job.

^Robert Half Employment Survey, 2018