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What Is The Cost Of A Bad Hire?

What is the cost of a bad hire in YOUR accounting firm?  Here's your opportunity to test it for yourself.  Use the calculator below to calculate what a bad hire might cost your accounting firm.

Use the drop down buttons to choose what you think each of the elements will cost in YOUR firm.  Hover over the (i) icons to see what factors to consider.

Find out more about how we established the basis for this calculator here.


If you're surprised at how much a bad hire will cost your firm why not see how Accountests can significantly reduce the chances of this happening.  Click on the button for a FREE trial - use it on a candidate or get one of your staff to give it a go and see what they think.   

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We calculate the costs of a mis-hire for a mid tier accounting firm position at $57,000.  What do YOU think it will cost YOUR FIRM?

The costs here are just monetary costs. They ignore the costs to staff morale, client relationships, partner and director stress and lost time to spend on practice development!


Want to significantly reduce the chance of a mis-hire?  Click on the button for a FREE trial!  

Trial a test for free


"The tests were extremely valuable in providing an independent gauge of the skill level of the candidates, which played a key part in making a decision on who was right for the role.”  

Ryan Rambaccussing, Group Financial Controller, Financial Express


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