Bookkeeper Test

I am a very experienced Bookkeeper and the Accountests Bookkeeper Test is exactly what I have been looking for to test potential contractors

Leanie Jones, Owner of Jones Business Solutions


"It’s a good test from our perspective. The candidates that do well in the test certainly seem to be our better performers"

Arran Finlayson, CEO, The Back Office



"If we had we recruited without using Accountests in the selection process, we would have potentially made a very costly mistake.
The test our candidates sat provided peace of mind at a very affordable price. I was impressed with the fast turnaround of results and follow up service available."

Nerissa Wells, Office Manager, Torque Auto Services

On The Money Bookkeeping has been using Accountests for a year now to recruit qualified accountants internationally for servicing bookkeeping clients. It's a tough test, but it sorts the wheat from the chaff very effectively. It's too expensive not to do testing. We have managed to recruit two excellent staff members in this time that have confirmed the value of this approach and we will continue doing so in the future.

Carmen Morris, On The Money Bookkeeping



Bookkeeper Test


The Bookkeeper/Assistant Accountant Test is designed for people who are working at a level below an accountant, but whose job includes bookkeeping functions using current cloud or desktop accounting packages. The test assesses knowledge of processing financial information, double entry accounting, ability to produce accurate month end accounts and the ability to interpret and financial information to add value to the business owner.

Different competency levels assessed within the test determine the range of abilities and value the candidate can add to the business owner.

Job titles this test is applicable for would include Bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant or Office Manager.

This is a country-specific test for the USA with annually updated questions to reflect current USA taxation rules.  Tax questions relate to generic Sales Tax and basic Federal Tax issues.  State taxes are not covered.

The test was designed in conjunction with the International Association of Bookkeepers members. Are you a member? Go to their website to collect your 20% member benefit discount when purchasing this test.

This test covers four core bookkeeping activities:

  • Processing & Journals
  • Accounting Concepts
  • Business Support
  • Sales Tax & Payroll

Hiring managers gain insight into candidate's skills and knowledge levels in each of these four activities, as well as an assessment of their competency level in each activity. You will also be able to identify a candidate's performance in the activities most relevant to the vacant role.

Sample Candidate Test Report - Click Here

Example Bookkeeper Test Questions - Click Here