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APPQ Teams

The Accountants Personality Profile Questionnaire (APPQ) for teams provides valuable insights into your teams strengths, blind-spots and development priorities in handling accounting ethical issues, building and maintaining rewarding relationships with clients, adding value as trusted advisors, delivering compliance tasks and coping with the stresses and strains of working in a modern accounting practice


Imagine understanding:

  • Which of your compliance staff have the potential to move quickly into more advisory and client facing roles.
  • Why some members of your team clash, and how to build a team stronger because of its difference, not divided by them.
  • How to deploy team members to tasks and roles that reflect their strengths and contribution.
  • Where the blind-spots are in how your practice operates and how to account for what your team isn’t naturally good at through embracing diverse problem solving outside of your comfort zones, or through recruiting new team members.
  • What development priorities your team should implement to lift the effectiveness of your practice.


Improving accounting teams performance

Team-Building. Team-Development. Call it what you like, but the activity seems to have dropped off for many employers in recent years.

Perhaps there’s only so much your team can take when they’re asked to bond by playing games about how they’re going to get off yet another deserted island after yet another plane crash.  As the team manager, you’ve probably already noticed that the plan to escape the desert island somehow didn’t translate into higher performance among the accounting team. 

Instead of playing games, what if you’re team got together to problem solve actual, but hidden issues that affect your team’s performance?

The APPQ measures each of your team members behavioural preferences in personality traits associated with success in accounting roles.  Combined, you get to understand where your teams clusters of strengths, blind-spots that affect performance and priority development areas lie.

Then you get the team together to work out how to play to strengths and resolve blind-spots through training, development and recruitment of people who cover blind-spots.  That’s real Team Development; or Team Building for that matter.


How does APPQ Teams work?

Each team member completes the APPQ questionnaire and receives their Personal/Professional Development Plan included in their individual report.

We compile and send the Teams Report to the person who ordered the APPQ’s for their team.  We also provide interpretation support by video, phone and email where needed.

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"We've put our whole team through the APPQ process and it's fascinating at the individual level - and super helpful at the management level to see how the team fits together overall. We can see where we're strong and also what we need to look for in recruitment to fill in some gaps in the team profile. It also works well for the team to see everyone's natural style and strengths - we can adapt to that. Traditionally we would hire accountants based on their tested technical competence, without considering how they would fit into a team based on their personal profile. The APPQ system helps us hire new people in a way that balances our team."

Louis de Bievre, Chief Problem Solver - Beany, NZ


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