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The home of world class technical skill, ability, and personality testing for accounting and bookkeepers. For candidates you can count on.

This page explains what we do, and why your members will value a partnership with Accountests. 


What do we do?

Accountests was first launched in 2015 to provide a solution for employers seeking a reliable method of assessing the technical competency of candidates for accounting and bookkeeping roles.

For anyone that has experienced the frustration and cost of hiring staff whose actual accounting ability fell significantly short of the abilities claimed on CVs and resumes, shortfalls that went undetected in existing selection processes.

Our accounting and bookkeeping tests reports provide easily interpreted results to make timely and informed recruitment decisions. Each test is designed and validated in consultation with partner and senior manager level accountants in public practice, large corporate and SME businesses, accounting and bookkeeping professional bodies and the public sector to ensure they meet the needs of all recruiters of accountants.


Key Features of Accountests Testing Suite


What Does Partnering with With Us Mean?

We can help your members make better, quicker hiring decisions for the accountants and bookkeepers they employ.  Many firms really struggle to do this well. With Accountests you get:



Who are we?


What Else Do You Need To Know?

As an example have a look at more detail about one of our tests - the US Bookkeeper Test is a competency based test we developed with a range of international bookkeeping professional bodies

Learn more about how easy it is to test a candidate:

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Here are some of the member organizations we work with already: