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Proctoring Online Tests

Proctoring Tests


Online testing is a convenient way to remotely assess a candidate's skills and knowledge, however it can come with risks. 

If you have concerns a candidate may cheat, we've put together some suggestions to minimize the risk. 


Webcam supervision is a great way to ensure remote online testing is conducted honestly. Here's a possible method to add the security you might want that the test taker is the candidate, and is taking the test unassisted:

  • Get the candidate on a Zoom (or similar) call
  • Request the candidate to provide proof of identity at the beginning of the call for verification that they are the candidate. 
  • Send the test link to the candidate while you're on the call, and once received by them, mute your mic and camera and let the candidate work their way through the test. You can then supervise in a non-invasive way.
  • You may want to request your candidate to share their screen while they sit the test.
  • You may want to record the call - if so make sure to follow privacy policies and ensure that the candidate understands that you are recording, and what will be done with the recording (usually deleted after the hiring process is complete). Consider the privacy laws in your country or state.
  • If using Microsoft Teams for the call, make sure to schedule the meeting ahead of time in order to have the recording function available within the call.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us at


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