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CPA Academy Webinar

Hire Quickly and Confidently in Public Accounting

Why Smart Firm Owners and HR Managers Use Testing


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Thanks for joining us for our webinar recently! We hope you found it useful and informative.


If you're wondering how Accountests can further support you in your next accounting or bookkeeping hire, look no further! Here are a number of resources to help you hire fast, with confidence.


Pointer     For a deep dive into the content we explored in the webinar, check out our Hire Fast With Confidence eBook. 40 pages of comprehensive guidance, along with templates and resources, to make the most out of your hiring process.

If you're ready to trial a test, either yourself or for a candidate, request a free trial.

Pointer     Still not sure which test is best for the role you're looking to hire? Check out the Which Test Table to determine the right fit based on the job description.

Pointer     If you're already convinced of the benefits that skills and personality testing can bring to your hiring process, check out Accountests Credits. Credits allow you to lock in half priced testing when buying ahead of time. For example, $1,000 worth of testing for only $500 - but this is only reopened for a short time - will finish January 26.

Pointer     Enjoy a discount for being part of CPA Academy - use the discount code CPAACADEMY203 to receive 20% off your next order at any time.

Pointer     And finally, for a little bit of fun, why not test your own skills with the Accountests Challenge. 5 quick-fire questions to test your knowledge. You can also challenge your colleagues to beat your score!


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