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Considering Test Question Responses

We're often asked for the specific questions in a test.  Unfortunately this is not something we can provide.  But here's some things to help you consider issues that arise for you in the test report:

1. We can't provide the questions as they represent the IP in each test.  If we release them eventually they will end up on line somewhere, and then the tests are of no value to you as an employer.

2. The individual questions are chosen so you get a representative view of a candidates capability across the topic areas.  In our view it's not the specific response to a question that is important, but their knowledge at a particular competency level or on a particular topic e.g. tax.  A candidate who scores poorly on the representative questions we've included will very likely have a poor knowledge of the overall topic.

3. A reason not to focus on a specific question response is that with any multi-choice exam a candidate may chose the wrong answer even though they know the correct one, or they may guess an answer and get it right when they actually don't know.  It is better to look at the overall performance.

4. A 30 minute test is a good guide to where a candidates knowledge sits, but inevitably the small number of questions asked means results need to be considered in that context.  A candidate with great knowledge should score well, and a candidate with poor knowledge should score badly.  But precision is not possible in such a short assessment

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