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Ability Suite Norm Group Collection

We’re Building Norm Groups for our Newly Developed Ability Tests and we need your help.

Here’s a rare chance to get a snapshot of you or your teams Critical and General Reasoning abilities for free. 

We’re looking for 150 people to complete the Critical Thinking and/or General Reasoning tests for free (usually charged at $250 each!)

Participants in the Critical Thinking Tests receive a performance report covering: 

  • their ability to solve complex problems 
  • tease out strong from weak arguments 
  • true from false information 
  • interpret data 
  • grasp new concepts outside of previous experience 
  • BONUS – detailed guidance on how to tailor professional development to suit their strengths 

Participants in the General Reasoning Tests receive a performance report covering: 

  • their effective at working with everyday workplace numbers & office arithmetic 
  • grasping new concepts outside of their previous experience 
  • seeing patterns in workflows 
  • their ability to check details, spot errors and carry out repetitive admin tasks conscientiously 
  • BONUS – detailed guidance on how to tailor professional development to suit their strengths

Simply fill in the form below. You can choose to participate in either one or both norm groups:

  • The Critical Thinking suite is for accountants, managers, professionals, and graduates. 
  • The General Reasoning suite is for administrators, bookkeepers and support staff. 

We’ll then follow up with an invitation email including a unique link to your chosen tests (to be completed online). 



What Happens Next? 

Once the norm group collection is complete, participants will receive their report & any identifying data will be deleted from our records. 

This invitation is ‘first come first served’ until we reach 150 completed tests for each test suite. Snooze & you’ll lose! 

This invitation is open to you, your colleagues, and your employees. If you provide Business Advisory services, you could extend this offer as a promotional gift to your clients. 


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