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Setting Realistic Expectations: The Secret to Successful Accounting Recruitment

The power dynamic within recruiting accountants has shifted, and candidates are discerning, seeking not just a job, but an environment where they can thrive. In this context, offering competitive wages, flexible working arrangements, and fostering a supportive workplace culture are not just perks, but prerequisites for attracting top talent. 

However, the crux of the matter lies in recalibrating expectations. Rather than echoing the talent shortage calls, employers must introspect and ask: Are our expectations realistic? Hiring is not a transactional process but a quest for the right fit. And more often than not, the right candidate isn't actively scouring job boards or attending career fairs. 

So, how can employers navigate this new reality? 

Firstly, it's imperative to cast a wider net, beyond the confines of traditional recruitment channels. Embracing innovative approaches such as networking events, industry partnerships, and tapping into passive candidate pools can uncover hidden gems. 

Secondly, focus on building a compelling employer brand. In a competitive market, prospective employees are not just evaluating job descriptions; they're scrutinizing company culture, reputation, and values. Highlighting what sets your organization apart can make all the difference in attracting top-tier talent. 

Thirdly, prioritize retention as much as recruitment. Investing in ongoing professional development, career advancement opportunities, and creating a positive work environment can enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, mitigating the need for frequent hiring cycles. 

Lastly, embrace agility and adaptability. The landscape of work is evolving rapidly, and employers must be nimble in responding to changing needs and preferences. Flexibility in work arrangements, technological innovation, and embracing remote work can widen the talent pool and attract candidates who may have otherwise been out of reach. 

By reimagining recruitment strategies, fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, and embracing flexibility, employers can not only navigate the challenges of hiring but emerge stronger, with a team of talented professionals poised for success. 


EY has recently announced a $1 billion investment to recruit new accountants. This substantial investment will increase salaries for entry-level positions, integrate artificial intelligence platforms, launch a "360 Careers" program, extend outreach to college students, and enhance well-being benefits. For detailed information, please visit the following link: EY to Invest $1 Billion in Effort to Attract New Accountants - CPA Practice Advisor 


What changes are you planning to implement to successfully recruit accountants? 


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Donna Roughan  |  With 22 years of expertise in accounting and business advisory, Donna has held pivotal roles, notably as a Director at PwC, and has executive experience in both finance and operations.

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