CPA Test

"I recently used Accountests as we were looking for a way to assess technical management accountant ability to supplement our interviews of shortlisted candidates. It helped inform our decision and would definitely use it again." 

Amanda Michael, Faculty Finance Manager, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

 “the tests were extremely valuable in providing an independent gauge of the skill level of the candidates, which played a key part in making a decision on who was right for the role.”

Ryan Rambaccussing, Group Financial Controller, Financial Express, London, United Kingdom


“The online tests provided by Accountests are a valuable tool for assessing the skills of accounting and bookkeeping candidates. The ordering process is simple, the tests work well, the reports are timely and informative, and the support is great as well. Accountests is now an entrenched part of our Finance department recruiting process.”

Louise Ratcliffe, Finance Manager, Vensa Health, Auckland, New Zealand

CPA Test


The CPA Test is designed for accountant candidates who are qualified members of their relevant professional body, such as CPA, ICAEW, ACCA.

This test assesses accounting knowledge and skills especially for roles in industry or commerce such as Company Accountant or Financial Controller.

The test is applicable internationally as it focuses on internationally accepted accounting principles.  As the test is not country specific there are no tax questions.

This test covers four core accounting activities:

  • Financial Reporting (US GAAP but also IFRS)
  • Core Accounting
  • Business Advisory & Analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Recruiting managers gain insight into a candidate's skills and knowledge in each of these four activities and identify performance in the activities most relevant to the vacant role, as well as a comparative overall score and performance against a norm group of other qualified accountants.

 Time to complete: 30 minutes

  • Number of questions: 40
  • Question Levels: Basic = 14, Intermediate = 15, Advanced = 11
  • Questions per topic: Financial Reporting = 8, Core Accounting = 8, Advisory & Analysis = 12, Budgetary & Forecasting = 12

Sample Candidate Test Report - Click Here

Example CPA Test Questions - Click Here.

When your candidate has completed the test you can use this Interpretation Video to help understand more about their test report.