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Do The Work, Manage The Work, or Find The Work?


What's the ideal personality type for someone in your accounting firm?  We all understand it's probably different for the team member who prepares financial information vs one who manages the team and also the client relationship vs one who's task involves finding new clients. 

When hiring a "Doer" why not compare their personality profile with the ideal for that role?  Or you're promoting a "Doer" from another firm in to a "Manager" in your firm - how will they handle this, or are you setting them (and you) up for failure? 

This is your comprehensive guide to making the most of the APPQ in your hiring process.

In parts of the world these roles are referred to Finders, Minders ("Managers") and Grinders ("Doers") - so we've used these descriptions in the guides.

Use the APPQ to Identify role fit, latent potential, and development priorities of new candidates or your existing team.



Here are the ideal personality charts for the 3 kinds of accounting roles:

 finder, minder, grinder definitions



Hiring Finders, Minders & Grinders
Compare the candidate you're hiring to the ideal Finder, Minder, Grinder profile, and get bespoke interview questions, and a development plan.


Keeping & Developing Finders, Minders & Grinders
Compare the profiles of your current staff to their Finder, Minder, Grinder role. Which of your Grinders have the untapped potential to become your next Minder? Could they be better deployed supporting you in Finder activities and building your business? 


Finder Minder Grinder 3 profile overlay

See a PDF version of this table here


Using the APPQ to Hire better Finders, Minders, & Grinders

The APPQ (Accountants Personality Profile Questionnaire) measures the behaviors and personality traits associated with success in accounting roles. These behaviors and personality traits differ across Finder, Minder, and Grinder roles. 

The APPQ was developed specifically to assist accounting firm owners and managers to hire people most likely to succeed in Finder, Minder and Grinder roles. The report includes Interview Questions to address any concerns before you make a job offer

Finder, Minder, Grinder guides


How Do I Use This?

  1. Have your candidate / staff member complete the APPQ
  2. Decide which profile you want to compare the candidate / staff member to - Finder, Minder, or Grinder
  3. Compare the scoring on Page 7-9 of the APPQ report to the Ideal Profile Charts above, or pages 6-7 of the Profile Guide
  4. Get the Profile Guide applicable to the role here:
  1. Combine the learnings from the APPQ report and Profile Guide to consider candidate suitability, develop effective and engaging interview questions, and personal development plans.



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