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Focusing Your Gen Z Accounting Team Members

I always struggled with coaching conversations. Not my strong point at all. I guess I was one of those accounting partners where working with clients and solving their problems was No1. I always understood the need to develop a strong team but wasn’t great at making it happen except perhaps by “leading by example”. I’ve been to lots of courses on how to coach and motivate your team – there are many approaches, and none are wrong. At the BDO Alliance ‘Evolve’ conference earlier this month Danielle McCormick from Spiirall gave a slightly different approach which I liked, and seemed great for Gen Zers. 

We all know that Gen Z has the reputation of wanting it all and wanting it now. So how to manage that expectation? Consider the following questions...


Question 1 – What Matters to You? 

It’s easy to get lost in metrics based on chargeable hours, revenue managed or even how many presentations they have completed. But first, how about learning more about what their life priorities are? 


Question 2 - What Do You Want From Work? 

There are various ways working can provide the satisfaction and motivation you need. Which of these are No1 priority for you. Which is No2? 


Question 3 – So Getting Real 

What are you willing to compromise to get what you want out of work? For me this is the power of that discussion. We all understand compromises in life are required – and this method brings that out in a respectful way. If you want to learn a new skill what might you need to let go or transition out of? If you want more compensation how does this look with your metrics or leadership requirements? If you want stability, how do you stop getting distracted? 


The outcomes will be different for everyone. But they need to match each staff member's career plan. It’s much better than a ‘one method fit all’ metrics-based evaluation.   

If you want to learn more about ways to build a coaching system and culture reach out to Danielle McCormick at , visit their website or connect with her on LinkedIn (99+) Danielle McCormick | LinkedIn 



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