Cost Accountant Test

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Cost Accountant Test

The Cost Accountant Test is an international test designed for assessing candidates whose position will include providing cost accounting support to their organisation. The test assumes a level of skill and competency that would normally be held by an accountant who is a member of their professional body, including but not limited to CIMA / CGMA, CPA (USA), ICAEW (UK), CAANZ (Australia and New Zealand), ISCA (Singapore), ICAI (India), ACCA or similar. This test is also applicable to those with qualifications in accounting, or those without formal qualifications, but significant work experience in cost accounting.

The test is applicable across any English speaking country and tests core cost accounting skills without reference to individual country legislative requirements.

The test covers four core cost accounting activities:

  • Variances - identifying, calculating and interpreting production variances
  • Implementation – costing methods and terminology
  • Practical Issues – dealing with real costing issues
  • Accounting – recording costing analysis including an understanding of IFRS

The report received will enable the recruiting manager to gain insight into a candidate's skills and knowledge in each of these four activities, as well as a comparative overall score and performance against a norm group of other cost accountants. You can also identify a candidate's performance in the activities most relevant to your vacant role.

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