Recruitment Agencies

Why Recruitment Agencies Use Candidate Testing

  • In fiercely competitive recruitment marketplaces, agencies need a USP – offering tests and/or pre testing candidates can be one USP.
  • Clients constantly expect more for less, resulting in pressure on your fees –cost effective tests justify your fee levels and maintain margins.
  • Diligent candidate testing reduces the risks and cost of refunds, free replacements and damaged reputations.
  • Clients claiming ‘poor placements’ can be fairly challenged with an objective test report backing up your candidates technical ability to perform the job.
  • Clients using tests make fewer costly selection mistakes.
  • Save valuable time by quickly grading candidates to offer to clients.
  • Help your clients see fewer candidates and save everyone time by assessing skills before interviews.
  • Assessing candidates against national results will impress clients and allow them to benchmark their candidates against a wider group.
  • Eliminate the lower quality candidates from your database and avoid the embarrassment of promoting them to clients.
  • Promote the ‘stars’ (i.e. candidates with high test scores) to clients, on a speculative basis, with more than just your subjective opinion.
  • Tests are extremely easy to administer online, can be taken anywhere the candidate can access the internet, with easily interpreted reports delivered to you within minutes of completion.
  • No minimum volumes means you can pay as you go, or enjoy substantial discounts with volume purchases.
  • No lengthy training on administration or interpretation of reports.  You could be testing candidates 10 minutes from now!
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