Price Structure

Follow these steps to take best advantage of our test pricing options.

1. How many people are you likely to test?

  • For occasional recruiting with few candidates, buying tests online as needed will suit your purposes. Accountests uses a secure payment gateway for all online purchases.
  • If you are likely to test more than ten candidates a year, purchasing blocks of tests will allow you to take advantage of the volume discounts detailed below. Purchased tests have no expiry date, so you can use them any time and always link to the most updated test.

2. Identify which country the staff will be working in and select the matching tests.
3. Determine the appropriate test level for your candidate or staff member.

  • Management Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Basic Double Entry Accounting Test (no discounts available)

4. You'll be provided with a unique access code for each test purchased. Provide each candidate with an individual code so they can access the test.
5. As each test is completed, you will immediately receive results in an easy to interpret report. The report identifies how your candidate ranked in relation to their peer group, their performance in basic, intermediate and advanced questions, their aptitude in the four core accounting subjects, and results for individual questions.

Price Structure
Management & Cost Accountant Tests

  • Per test for purchasing between 1-4 tests
  • Per test for purchasing between 5 - 24 tests
  • Per test for purchasing between 25 - 49 tests
  • Per test for purchasing between 50 - 99 tests
  • Per test for purchasing 100 - 249 tests
  • Per test for purchasing 250 - 499 tests
  • Per test for purchasing 500 - 999 tests
  • Per test for purchasing 1000+ tests

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