New Double Entry Accounting Test

The latest addition to our testing suite is the Double Entry Accounting Skills Test.

This test is designed to be a fast, simple and efficient way to determine if your candidate has a good grasp of the basics of double entry accounting (i.e. debits and credits).

It is ideal for graduate or entry level positions or for slightly higher level positions where you have any concerns about the candidates basic accounting skills.

It is also an ideal follow on from the Bookkeeper or Non/Part Qualified Accounting Test if candidates have scored poorly in those tests.

The test covers four areas:

• Easy Journals: identifying journals from easy transactions.

• Harder Journals: identifying journals from harder transactions.

• Financial Statements: identifying where accounts will be found in financial statements.

• Transactions: from a journal entry identifying the transaction that has occurred.

For only $25 + GST, this test will identify top candidates and eliminate low scoring individuals, which will give you confidence in making the right selection during your recruitment process.