Leaking Data - How Confidential is your Recruitment Activity?

Data security is an issue most of us take seriously, but before you start discreetly getting your name out there in the employment market, have you considered the risks of your details ending up on public servers?

Sounds a bit far fetched and paranoid? The HR and recruiting press were alarmingly quiet about 780,000 UK and 713,000 Australian job seekers registered with Michael Page having their CV's and other compromising information made public last November when CapGemini put backups onto public servers. Read the full article here.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder that our best efforts at keeping job search activities discreetly confidential are no guarantee of that confidentiality being upheld and that you should be prepared to be confronted by current employers or colleagues as soon as you tell somebody else that you are thinking of looking elsewhere by internalising a script of what you are going to say if asked, rather than getting tongue tied.