Be the First to Trial our New Management Accountant and Cost Accountant Tests!

We are excited to announce that we have launched two new accounting tests - a Management Accountant test and a Cost Accountant test.  These tests enable job interviewers to readily determine whether job candidates have the knowledge, skills and abilities required for on the job success. 

Our Management Accountant and Cost Accountant tests have been one year in the making and involved the assistance, support and advice from accounting and finance professionals in the public sector and private industries of various countries.  These tests are now live and available for purchase on our website. 

The tests are designed for assessing candidates whose position will include providing management accounting or cost accounting support to their organisation. The tests assume a level of skill and competency that would normally be held by an accountant who is a member of their professional body e.g. CPA (USA), ICAEW (UK), CAANZ (Australia and New Zealand), ISCA (Singapore), ICAI (India), ACCA or similar. The tests are also applicable to those with qualifications in accounting, or those without formal qualifications, but significant work experience in management accounting or cost accounting.

The Management Accountant test allows an interviewer to quickly evaluate a candidate’s skills and knowledge in core management accounting disciplines of budgeting & forecasting, financial health, decision support and capital budgeting, while the Cost Accountant test evaluates a candidate’s skills and knowledge in core cost accounting disciplines of variances, costing theory and applying practical solutions to cost accounting scenarios. 

Both tests are applicable across any English speaking country and assess core cost accounting and management accounting skills without reference to individual country legislative requirements.

As well as adding considerable value to a CA firm in managing risks when making internal appointments and promotions, the tests can also be marketed directly to clients as a way of supporting them in making strong selection decisions when recruiting accountants of their own.

For the rest of April, we will be giving our clients a free Management Accountant or Cost Accountant test, which can be used to enhance a selection or promotion process within a business.

To claim this offer, simply email Melissa and let her know which test you’d like to complete.  She will then forward you the link to the test and the report will be sent to you directly.