Test Links & Firewalls - Basic Troubleshooting

When you place an order, you should receive 3 emails from Accountests:

  1. Your Paid Tax Invoice
  2. The Test Links for your Candidate(s)
  3. An Admin Key where you can track candidate progress, edit & order additional copies of candidate reports

If you receive the Paid Tax Invoice, but not your Test Links or Admin Key emails, it is likely that the missing emails have been blocked by your employers firewall or email other email screening security services, so please contact your IT department & request the emails be allowed through to your inbox and that future emails from Accountests be allowed through too.  Check your spam box too.

If your candidate receives an error message when trying to access a test it is also likely caused by their network security settings.  This issue is usually resolved by copying and pasting the test link directly in to the search bar (instead of clicking on it).  Alternatively forward the test link email to a personal computer and complete the test outside of the network that is causing the issues.  Make sure the candidate is not trying to complete the test on their mobile phone!